Minority, International, Women Scholarships

Freshmen International Student Scholarships (new students) $5000-$1000 See here for more details.
Transfer International Student Scholarships (new students) $5000-$1000 See here for more details.
Moser-Schaible Textbook Scholarship $250 For International Students from developing countries to help purchase books.
Evelyn Lare Smith Scholarship varies For one female chemistry major, 2.5 cum gpa, 3.0 in sciences classes.
Aventis Outstanding Medical Student Scholarship $1,000 The Student must be enrolled in a Medical-related field such as: pre-med, nursing, hospital admin., medical technology radiology, health education, sports medicine. Special consideration given to minority students in their Junior or Senior year.
Dr. Donald J. Breckon Scholarship $890 An International Student with: Eligibility and interest to complete a graduate degree at Park University. First Priority given to a BA degree recipient from Park University. Second priority given to an individual nominated by the Community Church of Christ, the Presbyterian Church, or an Organization committed to improving International relations and/or conditions. Must be willing to return to their countries of origin immediately after graduating.
Park's Class of 1928 Scholarship Varies 2.5 GPA, Multi Recipients. Preference given to international students
Kansas City Hispanic Scholarship and Matching Grant Matching Funds Park will match up to $500 per year for each Greater Kansas City Hispanic Scholarship recipient. Limited to 20 applicants at Park University.
Ana Riojas Memorial Scholarship $800 Recipient must be of Hispanic origin, minimum 2.5 cum gpa and demonstrate financial need.
Mary L. Parker Scholarship $1,650 Established by Mary L Parker to benefit women, particularly single parent women, wishing to complete their education. Must be a woman, 25 years of age or older and a mother of child(ren) of whom she has custody and who is/are living in her home. Must also hold and maintain a full-time job, maintain a 3.00 GPA, and enrolled at least part-time. Preference given to single parent but will not lose the scholarship upon marriage.
Parkville Rotary Club Scholarship $1,000 Must be full-time undergraduate International Student. Must be in his/her 2nd or subsequent year at Park. Must have achieved a 3.0 GPA during the previous academic year and must demonstrate financial need.
CBS Foundation Scholarship $2,500 Awarded to minority students working for a career in broadcasting.

This Scholarship is awarded exclusively through them. Do Not complete the On Line Application for this scholarship. Further information on how to apply for these awards can be obtained by contacting your Site Administrator or the Scholarship Coordinator here at Park University.