Student Learning Outcomes

Park University Residence Life and Education Learning Outcomes

Res Life

Our approach: These detailed learning outcomes inform our decision-making and training methods. However, we utilize different communication styles and wording in our web content, marketing materials and student conversations in order to maximize branding and the adoption of key attitudes and beliefs within the student population. 

Cognitive Complexity: Students will learn to

  • Understand there are consequences to their actions, both positive and negative
  • Express their ideas and values while respecting alternative ones
  • Think independently and make decisions for themselves.


Knowledge Acquisition, Integration and Application: Students will learn to

  • Integrate the knowledge they gain in the classroom and from co-curricular activities into their residential community
  • Identify and make use of appropriate campus resources
  • Understand and follow policies and procedures
  • Recognize the importance of health and wellness with respect to leading a well-balanced life.


Humanitarianism: Students will learn to

  • Respect, value and appreciate diversity
  • Recognize their personal identity and how it relates to their community
  • Respectfully engage in discussions and process information surrounding sensitive topics
  • Recognize how previous experiences affect personal views and perspectives.


Civic Engagement: Students will learn to

  • Recognize their personal impact on both individual Park community members and the larger Park community as a whole
  • Recognize the importance of community standards
  • Formulate strategies for coexisting and interacting with others in a group setting
  • Connect to communities outside their residence hall.


Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Competence: Students will learn to

  • Effectively communicate thoughts and feelings
  • Recognize the source of conflict and effectively resolve conflict
  • Value collaboration and interdependence in group settings
  • Set boundaries and understand the importance of having boundaries in living environments
  • Navigate mature relationships.


Practical Competence: Students will learn to

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Manage priorities and balance commitments
  • Perform basic life skills (e.g., laundry, cleaning, etc.)
  • Understand the importance of safety and follow safety procedures.


Persistence and Academic Achievement: Students will learn to

  • Set goals and discover ways to achieve them
  • Understand the importance of residential living in a liberal arts education
  • Prioritize academics as the central goal of a liberal arts education
  • Study effectively in a residential college environment.