Residence Life

Living to Learn, Learning to Live

At Park University, The Office of Residence Life and Education provides you with enhanced living experiences. Throughout the year, we host everything from social activities to intellectual exchanges. These are facilitated by the Residence Life and Education staff which included a Resident Mentor living-in on your floor. All year long, Resident Mentors will be working with residents to connect with various activities, services, events, and leadership opportunities on campus.

“All Hands on Deck”, which is move-in day, is the beginning of the residential experience for most. Shortly after, every resident will be required to participate in a Residence Life Orientation. This is led by the assigned Resident Mentor and will be held in our Copley Quad Conference Room. During this session, we inform residents about our policies, important health and safety information, and upcoming programs.

The focus of orientation is an introduction to resources that help streamline the residential experience for both students and staff.

Residence Life and Education host three residential learning communities: 
  1. The Business Residential Learning Community
  2. The Leadership Challenge Residential Learning Community
  3. The Honors Academy Residential Learning Community

Additionally, the Residence Hall Council is a great opportunity for residents to gain important skills, voice concerns, plan programs, and help decide how to best use the Residence Hall Council budget.

During the year, through programs, connections, and a multitude of interactions, Residence Life and Education focuses on a few main items:
  • Intercultural experiences
  • Extra-curricular intellectual opportunities
  • Discovering personal goals
  • Social experiences
  • Holistic well-being