Park Model United Nations

PMUN 2017

Model United Nations are simulations designed to teach students how international organizations like the UN operate, what the important issues facing the globe are, and, most importantly, how countries perceive issues differently based on their cultures, ideologies and national experiences. There are hundreds of model United Nations simulations run at colleges and high schools each year in the United States and throughout the world. Park University is offering the opportunity for high schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area to participate in this outstanding educational opportunity. 

Conference Schedule 

Please note that university facilities will not be open before 7:30 a.m. Please plan to arrive after 7:30 a.m. and before 8:00 a.m.

Notes on PMUN Procedures:

  • A Facebook page has been implemented to keep advisors and students up to date on topics and useful tips.  Please encourage your students to follow us for helpful information Park Model United Nations Conference PMUN.
  • Position papers must be submitted by November 1. A paper will be expected from each committee a Delegation holds a seat on.
  • Committees will be limited to voting only on two resolutions per topic. The goal is to encourage delegates to combine resolutions and ideas into a single, comprehensive resolution that will satisfy as many countries as possible.
  • No pre-written resolutions will be allowed.
  • Restrictions have been strengthened on the use of points of inquiry to prevent intimidation of delegates through their misuse.


Committees and Topics

2017 PMUN Committees, Topics and Countries 

Delegation Size Limits
We will be simulating five MUN committees: GA First, GA Second and GA Third Committees, Security Council (SC) and a ECOSOC. We are limiting country delegations to one representative per committee.  Therefore, minimum delegation size is three and maximum is five. 

Rules, Resolutions, and Position Papers

We have made every effort to simplify the complicated rules used at Model United Nations.  Rules details can be found by clicking below.  Position papers are extremely important in helping students formulate and concisely state their country's position.



Research Tips and Links

Most of the time spent prior to participating in a Model UN conference is spent researching.  The confidence required to be an effective Model UN delegate can only come from being well prepared. Check out our resources page for valuable research tips and links.
PMUN Rules

We have made every effort to simplify the complicated rules used at Model United Nations.  These rules are spelled out in the Procedural Primer.

Countries are assigned by the PMUN coordinator in the order of the arrival of applications. Full payment for all delegation requests must accompany the reservation form.  Make the check payable to Park University (PMUN) or see instructions on the form for paying by credit card.  

Application Deadline: October 10

Conference Registration and Cost: We are offering an early registration deadline at a reduced rate. The participation fee will be $50 per country delegation on or before October 10th or $60 after the 10th.  

Date: Friday, November 10

Location: Park University, Parkville Campus, 8700 NW River Park Drive, Parkville, MO 64152

Directions: Come into the front entrance of the campus from Route 9 on the river and immediately veer left at the first triangle. Continue to your left as you reach the top of the triangle. Continue straight through the stop sign. Stop when the road curves to the right and let the students out. You are at the top of a flight of stairs leading down to the Chapel. Once students have exited the vehicle, proceed around the curve to the parking lot. Buses may turn around in the larger parking lot and we will assist them in moving to a larger lot for the day.

If anyone in your group needs assistance accessing the Chapel or the conference, please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements.

Lunch: A hot lunch will be available to students. The cost will be $6.50 per student.  Lunch fees and delegation fees should be submitted with your conference registration form by the registration deadline.

PMUN Organization

The PMUN is sponsored and conducted by the Park University United Nations Team and the Park University Office of Global Education and Study Abroad. All questions may be directed to

Park Contacts:

Angie Peterson
Director, Global Education and Study Abroad
(816) 584-6510