Proctored Exams

Effective the Fall 1 2014 term, Park University is suspending the requirement for the physical presence of a proctor during final exams in most online courses in all academic programs. Exceptions may occur if approved by the respective academic Dean and Provost. During the first week of the term the Instructor will notify students enrolled in those courses if they need to arrange for a proctor for their final exam/assessments(s). (Reference the Approved Courses for Physical Proctors after logging into My.Park.)

Proctored Exam Checklist

  • Faculty notifies students via email that the physical presence of a proctor is required for their exam/assessment
  • Student identifies a proctor site within their vicinity and determines date and time for appointment. (Refer to the chart below for viable site options)
  • Student emails the instructor with proctor contact information and appointment time
  • Instructor reviews the students’ proctor to verify appropriate eligibility
    • If approved by the instructor the instructor sends email to both the student and the proctor with their acceptance
    • If not approved the student will need to identify another proctor that meets the requirements stated below and resubmit to the instructor
  • Instructor ensures the exam and cover sheet are complete and accurate using Additional Instructions for Faculty Administering Final Exams. Instructors can contact the course developer if they have questions regarding the exam.
  • No later than the Friday before the last week of class the instructor sends the cover sheet (Park Faculty ID required) and a copy of the final exam to the proctor
  • If the proctor has any questions they should contact the instructor directly
  • Proctor follows instructions found on the cover sheet in order to return the final directly to the instructor and not the student


The former proctor request system is no longer in service
  • A photo identification will be required by the proctor prior to students receiving the exam
  • At the time of the exam, it is the student's responsibility to thoroughly read and follow all instructions prior to beginning the exam
  • Students may NEVER use a personal computer or a computer they have accessed previously
  • Proctors will closely monitor all test takers
  • Students may NEVER keep or make copies of the final exam and may not leave the testing room prior to the end of the exam unless closely supervised
  • Any/all violations of the Park University proctor or student conduct policies will be investigated and appropriate sanctions levied
  • Proctors must provide "official" business phone numbers and Email addresses. Personal phone and Email contacts will not be accepted
  • If the student has purchased an e-book as the course textbook, it is the student's responsibility to bring all or part of the e-book in printed form to the proctored final exam session to be used if the final is "open-book

Acceptable Proctor Sites: List of Potential Proctors:
Park University Campus Center / Testing Center Park University Personnel
College or University ** Accredited College or University Faculty/Testing Center Administrators
Public Library Certified Librarian
US Embassy US Embassy Official
Military students in remote areas Commissioned Officers (other than in your chain of command)
  • Adjunct Faculty Members
  • College or K-12 School Teachers or Administrators
  • Librarians

** Find a testing center at a local college or university. Any fees associated with a non-Park proctor are the responsibility of the student.

Alternative Sites are limited to this list unless pre-approved by your course instructor and Park University Administration