Rules of The Parkville Commercial Underground ("PCU")

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  1. Unique Services. The PCU is the only commercial underground within the greater Kansas City area that is affiliated with a university. As a result of PCU’s ownership by Park University (“University”), Tenants have access to a wide variety of university services, including student workers and interns, faculty consultants, the use of the University library, use of the campus cafeteria and grill, catering, mail, copying and janitorial services. In addition, the University will consider other mutually beneficial relationships with PCU Tenants. Inquiries regarding any of these matters should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, Park University, 8700 NW River Park Drive, Box 25, Parkville, MO 64152.

  2. Woodard Conference Center. The Woodard Conference Center is located at Pillar Number 223. It is regularly used for University classes and activities, weekly meetings of the Parkville Rotary Club, and by other approved users. Subject to availability, PCU Tenants may occasionally reserve the center. A reference document, Workday Use of Woodard Conference Center, is available at PCU Tenants interested in using the center should direct inquiries to the Office of General Counsel, Park University, 8700 NW River Park Drive, Box 93, Parkville, MO 64152.

  3. PCU Access and Common Areas. Tenants may access the PCU seven (7) days a week, subject to the conditions set forth elsewhere in these Rules. Common Areas may be used by Tenants and their Employees and Invitees when working in or visiting the Premises of the Tenant, provided that the use of the Common Areas is reasonable, considering the reasonable uses of those areas by the University and the other PCU Tenants. The Common Areas may not be used for permanent or temporary storage of personal property without the prior written consent of the Property Manager. Damages caused by the Employees or Invitees of an individual Tenant will be charged to, and paid for, by that Tenant upon demand of the PCU.

  4. Security. Tenants are responsible for the security of their leased Premises, including the installation of such alarms and other security equipment as they deem prudent. That having been said, PCU entrances and exits are monitored by 24-hour cameras. In addition, both PCU Campus Safety Officers and Parkville Police Officers regularly patrol the Campus and the PCU. If requested by a Tenant, University Campus Safety Officers will check and report to the Tenant unlocked doors and other security observations, but such reporting will not shift the burden to the PCU for any losses caused by unlocked doors or other failure by Tenants to assure the physical security of their leased Premises. Tenants are required to report to the Property Manager or the PCU’s Department of Campus Safety all thefts, vandalism, damages or other losses, and to cooperate in the identification of persons who may be responsible.

  5. Inspection and Maintenance. The PCU has adopted and implemented an Inspection and Maintenance Program in order to maintain the physical condition of the PCU. The IMP includes regular inspections and maintenance by the Property Manager, the PCU’s IMP personnel, and as needed, by third-party geological engineers. Tenants are to report to the Property Manager any geologic conditions which they believe should be inspected for possible remedial action. Reports should be directed to Martin Properties, Parkville Commercial Underground, 8500 NW River Park Drive, Box 135, Parkville, MO 64152.

  6. Signs. Tenants may display on the Tenant’s Premises the Tenant’s name and logo, provided that the color, size, style character and materials are approved in advance by the Property Manager. In addition, the Tenant’s name and pillar number will be installed by the PCU on the PCU directory located near the Mackenzie Entrance to the PCU. No other signs, graphics, displays, advertisements, or lettering, will be installed, displayed, inscribed on or affixes to the PCU or anywhere on the Campus. The PCU reserves to remove any sign or other item prohibited by this rule.

  7. PCU Streets and Parking. PCU streets are narrow and are used by vehicles that range from electric carts and personal passenger vehicles to vans and semi trailers. PCU Streets are also heavily used by pedestrians. In addition, parking in the PCU is extremely limited, especially during normal working hours. For these reasons, the use of the Common Areas, including especially streets and parking areas, are subject to the PCU’s parking regulations. Overnight parking of vehicles or trailers is not permitted without prior written notice to the Property Manager and the PCU’s Campus Safety Department. All traffic and parking signs within the PCU must be observed. Employees and Invitees of Tenants may use any parking spaces specifically reserved for the Tenant and unreserved parking spaces, but may not use the reserved spaces of other Tenants or the University. Stop signs and one-way/do not enter signs must be observed. Vehicle speeds must be reasonable under the circumstances, but in no event faster than 15 miles per hour. Persons who violate traffic and parking rules will be reported to the Tenants with whom they are affiliated, and the Tenant is expected to cause the offender to then comply with the rules. Failure of offenders to observe the rules after warnings may result in them being prohibited from driving and parking in the PCU or on Campus.

  8. Trash. The PCU provides some trash containers for the reasonable of use of Tenants. However, Tenants whose trash generation is excessive, are required to provide for their own trash service. Tenants will notify the Property Manager of their intention to engage a trash service. The Property Manger will designate the locations at which such trash containers may be placed. All trash in those containers will be regularly removed. Tenants may not overload the common trash containers, and may not deposit trash in the containers of other Tenants or of the University.

  9. Air Quality. The PCU is served by an air circulation system that draws or exhausts air through three vehicle entrances and a large air shaft. However, because the PCU is an enclosed space, and because air from the Common Areas is used to ventilate the leased Premises of the Tenants, and University spaces, it is essential to minimize air pollution, especially vehicle exhaust. For that reason, vehicle engines must be turned off when stopped; vehicles may not be left idling. In addition, a Parkville City Ordinance prohibits smoking anywhere within the PCU including all Common Area, roads, parking areas, pedestrian hallways, restrooms and all of the PCU’s undeveloped areas.

  10. Laws. Tenants, their Employees and their Invitees are required to comply with all Federal, State, County and City laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations (“Laws”) that are applicable to the Campus and the PCU.

  11. Cooperation. The PCU is a unique environment that offers unique advantages to the PCU and its Tenants. It also demands that all parties work together to assure that safety, security, air quality and other desirable working conditions are maintained. Tenants are required to cooperate with the Property Manager, the PCU, the University’s Campus Safety Officers, all police and Campus Safety Officers, and other Tenants and PCU users. Tenants who are notified of violations of these Rules or of any Law, by the Tenant’s Employees or Invitees are required to counsel and otherwise motivate such persons not to commit future violations. Tenants are also required to cooperate in the investigation of crimes and other violations by University Campus Safety Officers and police officers. The PCU will endeavor to work with Tenants, their Employees and Invitees to avoid future violations, but reserves the right to bar violators from the Campus and the PCU, including the right to prohibit operation and parking of motor vehicles by violators.

  12. Rule Changes. The PCU has the right to rescind, change or replace any of these Rules when it, in its sole judgment, deems necessary for the safety, care, convenience, and cleanliness of the PCU, provided that the PCU notifies the Tenants in advance of the effective date of such changes.