Parkville Commercial Underground

About Parkville Commercial Underground

Image of PCU EntranceAs an innovative commercial space for small businesses, wholesalers and light manufacturers, Parkville Commercial Underground offers businesses a unique opportunity to lease high-quality facilities at a reduced cost with access to the latest technology, major urban areas and key transportation hubs.

Located on the historic campus of Park University in Parkville, Missouri (see map), Parkville Commercial Underground features more than 385,000 square feet of leaseable space.

If you’re looking for economy, flexibility, security and convenience for your business operations, check out Parkville Commercial Underground.

Why Partner with Park University?

By locating at the Parkville Commercial Underground, business operations can forge a connection with Park University – a global leader in the delivery of innovative programs for clients worldwide.

Throughout its 131-year history, Park has emphasized student learning through excellence in instruction, career-oriented programs, and critical reflection on moral and ethical values. Tenants of the Commercial Underground are helping to support this mission.

Rules of the Parkville Commercial Underground

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