International Student Ambassadors

We welcome almost 300 international students from over 50 countries and here are just a few who can be contacted about their experience as a Park Pirate!

Priyal Patel

Priyal PatelIndia

I feel lucky to be a Park Pirate. It is not only a good university with good campus size and facilities but also professors and students are very supportive and friendly. I enjoy working with my fellow international students and interacting with them is fun as I love to learn about different culture. As an international student, I thought it will be hard for me at the start but it turned out to be totally opposite. I will be happy to help answer your questions.

Zhenghao Wu

Zhenghao (Will) Wu, China

Park University is affordable, flexible and knowledgeable! Let me know if you have questions about studying here!

Luther Nicholaus

Luther Nicholaus, Tanzania

Park University offers a great environment not only for studying but creating new relationships. The campus is also very diverse. These are some of the reasons as to why international students choose to study at Park University.

Munaa Mbarak

Munaa Mbarak, Kenya

I know how it feels to be an international student and how overwhelming it is, especially when you get enrolled late (due to a flight delay, for example).  I know the confusion that one might feel.  I love working with my fellow international students and it’s easy for me to communicate with them and feel like we are in the same home. I want to be able to share what I know to international students and help ensure comfort and safety as they stay to be part of Park University, not forgetting to motivate and educate them.   It has been my dream to work with my fellow international students.

Arber Dumani

Arber Dumani, Albania

Being an outgoing person, I truly enjoy meeting new people. I am very passionate about international affairs since I have been abroad all my life. Being around people from different cultures is not something new for me so communicating with them won’t be an issue. I have been in more than 25 countries and still can’t choose a favorite one because different cultures amaze me. I would love the opportunity to reach out to incoming international students and help them adjust to life here.

Indra Ganbat

Indra Ganbat, Mongolia

As an international student myself, I have always felt connected and close to my fellow international students. We all came to a whole different country as recent high school graduates and it is not easy. I want to help making prospective international students' transaction to the U.S.. as easy and smooth as possible. Additionally, I'd like to see more students from my home country to our campus. I know there are hundreds of students with the goal of studying in the U.S.. but have hard time finding a right school and community. I want to help ease the process as well as expand our international student community here at Park University.

Musyoka Musyimi

Musyoka Musyimi, Kenya

I have witnessed the great standards at Park University and I would like to encourage more students from my motherland to come and study here. I am a proud Park student.

Raed Alhathni

Raed Alhathni, Saudi Arabia

I chose the University of Park because it felt like home. Also, the academics push me to do my best inside and outside the classroom. When I stepped on campus, I knew this was the place for me. I also wanted to be part of the great Park tradition and represent one of the best schools in the country.

Maureen Wambui

Maureen Wambui, Kenya

As an ambassador, I will bring out the great hospitable experience that i have seen by Park Pirates. I will ensure that the international students have a feel of a home away from home experience.  I like meeting new people and interacting with people from different cultures to learn different things.

Mohammed Abdul Adil

Mohammed Abdul Adil, India

I am proud to be a Park University student. This is the right place to embark on an academic career. It has eminent faculties, excellent infrastructure, pleasant university ambience, a balanced academic program and affordable tuition which is very conducive towards my personal and academic growth. I feel honored to be a Park University student. If you have any queries or question I’d be happy to help.

Aadarsh Chandan

Aadarsh Chandan

I came to Park University in January 2017. I chose Park university because of its affordable fee structure and diverse educational programs that are offered here. The international exposure that I knew I would receive at Park University was also one of the main reasons for my decision.

Mateus Nacimento Martins

Mateus Nacimento Martins, Brazil 

I made the choice of coming to Park University because it is an international campus with so many different cultures. This is given me many new experiences and opportunities that I would not have back home. I also decided to come to Park because of the exceptional volleyball program and I am proud to be a part of it. I would be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Pranoj Thapa
Pranoj Thapa,

“Park supports it's students and allows them to thrive in their own individual ways. The diversity on this campus is great and all the students are confident and supportive of their friends and peers. It is a great school and over all I am excited to be a part of this family. The international student office is welcoming  and they make us feel home."