Park University to Announce $250,000 Michie P. Slaughter Fund for Ethical Human Resources Leadership

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Park University will host a recognition luncheon on Friday, Oct. 7, to formally announce the Michie P. Slaughter Fund for Ethical Human Resources Leadership, in the University’s Park Distance Learning Conference Center. The luncheon, held in conjunction with Park’s Board of Trustees meeting, is an invitation-only event. The occasion will also mark the unveiling of a book based on Slaughter’s work.

Slaughter, who passed away in 2014, served as executive vice president of human resources at Marion Laboratories until 1989 when he helped Ewing Kauffman begin the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, serving as its chief executive officer. Upon his passing, the University received gift of $250,000 from Slaughter’s family to be used to compile his work at Marion Laboratories and to establish an endowed fund that will provide scholarships and research funding for Park’s undergraduate degree program in human resource management.

Slaughter first engaged with Park University in 2012 as a speaker in the School of Business Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Slaughter, along with follow former executives of Marion Laboratories Bob Rogers and James McGraw, presented business lessons learned and outlined a formula for entrepreneurial success. That event led to Slaughter becoming more interested in the University because of its mission, accessible education and connection to the U.S. military.

Also during the luncheon, a book based on Slaughter’s work with Marion Laboratories, Ethical and Effective Human Resources Leadership, will be released. The book was authored by Nicholas Miceli, Ph.D., associate professor of human resource and health care management at Park University, and Bill Musgrave, an associate of the Slaughter family. Brad Kleindl, Ph.D., dean of Park’s College of Management, and McGraw, former chief operating officer at Marion Laboratories and chair of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Board, also contributed to the book.