Park University Announces Graduates from Barstow Community College, Victor Valley College Campus Centers

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Park University’s Barstow (Calif.) Community College Campus Center and Victor Valley College (Calif.) Campus Center held a combined commencement ceremony on May 27 at High Desert Church in Victorville, Calif. The University had 43 students eligible to participate in the ceremony, all receiving a bachelor’s degree.


(Name, Degree Concentration [if applicable], Hometown and High School Attended [if provided])

Bachelor of Public Administration
          •  Rhonda Kamel, Business Relations, Barstow, Calif. (attended Lathrop High School, Fairbanks, Alaska)

Bachelor of Science
          •  Kynetta D. Aldridge, Management/Health Care, California City, Calif. (attended Rich East High School, Park Forest, Ill.)
          •  Margaret L. Ball, Management, Hesperia, Calif.
          •  Enrique Bandt, Management/Computer Information Systems, Twentynine Palms, Calif.
          •  Dolores Marie Benavidez, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Michelle Nicole Bond, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Justin Waylon Bowles, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Kathleen E. Brown, Management/Human Resources, Apple Valley, Calif.
          •  Caroline Moyte Cabrera, Criminal Justice Administration/Corrections, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Levina M. Chavez, Management/Human Resources, Hesperia, Calif. (attended Mojave High School)
          •  Jeffrey Chisholm, Management/Computer Information Systems, Carlsbad, Calif. (attended Kelseyville [Calif.] High School)
          •  Ann Marie Draper, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Maria Alicia Edwards, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, San Diego, Calif. (attended Stephen F. Austin High School, Houston, Texas)
          •  Joshua D. Ehresman, Management/Human Resources, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Joanna A. Escalante, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  Amanda Gail Estudillo, Social Psychology/Human Development, Barstow, Calif.
          •  David J. Fisher, Management/Finance, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Melissa L. Gaoa, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Rosalena Marie Garcia, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Tavares Lanier Lumpkin, Management, Lincoln, Calif.
          •  Deana M. Malone, Social Psychology/Human Development, Barstow, Calif. (attended Silver Valley High School, Yermo, Calif.)
          •  Heather M. Mathews, Management, Salina, Kan. (attended Fernley [Nev.] High School)
          •  Eva Luz Mendez-Zacher, Business Administration/Human Resources and Management/Logistics, Suisun City, Calif.
          •  Gwyndolyn J. Nunnelee, Management, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Jerome C. Payne, Management, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Analeah Sue Pitts, Management, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Kyle W. Postlethwait, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Moreno Valley, Calif. (attended Blue Springs [Mo.] South High School)
          •  Stephanie J. Postlethwait, Social Psychology, Moreno Valley, Calif.
          •  Paula L. Ramirez, Social Psychology, Oro Grande, Calif.
          •  Elizabeth J. Reckner, Social Psychology/Cultural, Organizational and Industrial, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  Shane Paul Robertson, Management/Computer Information Systems, Hesperia, Calif. (attended Mojave High School)
          •  Jacob L. Rogers, Social Psychology, Apple Valley, Calif.
          •  Angela M. Salazar, Management, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  Jun A. Savoie Sr., Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Anne-Shirley Marie Schreiner, Business Administration/Management, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Alyssa M. Serdinsky, Social Psychology, Victorville, Calif. (attended Victor Valley High School)
          •  Tenorzelle Sturtevant, Management, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Charly Swiger-Peterson, Management/Human Resources, Lancaster, Calif. (attended Liberty High School, Clarksburg, W.Va.)
          •  Elias Valencia, Management, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  Kathleen S. Walters, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif. (attended San Bernardino [Calif.] High School)
          •  Kayla R. Washington, Management/Health Care, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  Gloria Eva Webster, Management/Marketing, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Jennifer E. Yanez, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Victorville, Calif. (attended Bonita High School, LaVerne, Calif.)
          •  Harold D. Yost, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.