Park University Announces Graduates from Scott AFB Campus

Friday, June 12, 2015

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Park University’s Scott Air Force Base (Ill.) Campus Center held its commencement ceremony on June 11 at the The Regency Conference Center. The University had 56 students eligible to participate in the ceremony — 49 students earned a bachelor’s degree and seven students received an associate degree.


(Name, Degree Concentration, Hometown and High School, if available)

          •  Dustin Barry, Information and Computer Science/Networking, Highland, Ill.
          •  Adrienne Beaver, Social Psychology/Clinical and Abnormal, Troy, Ill.
          •  Alexandra Bowers, Social Psychology, Belleville, Ill. (attended Corning [Calif.] High School)
          •  Keith Boyer, Management/Computer Information Systems, Fairview Heights, Ill.
          •  Paul Carter, Management/Computer Information Systems, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
          •  Shauna Cavallaro, Management/Human Resources and Management/Logistics, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. (attended Lima [Ohio] High School)
          •  Christine Clements, Management/Computer Information Systems, O’Fallon, Ill. (attended Biloxi [Miss.] High School)
          •  Joshua Clodfelter, Computer Science, Belleville, Ill.
          •  Daniel Council, Management/Logistics, Belleville, Ill. (attended John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas)
          •  Elizabeth Crabtree, Management, O’Fallon, Ill. (attended Gwynn Park High School, Brandywine, Md.)
          •  Brian Daugherty, Management/Computer Information Systems, Montgomery, Ala. (attended Muncie [Ind.] Central High School)
          •  Alante Davis, Management/Human Resources, Belleville, Ill. (attended Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Jacksonville, Fla.)
          •  Gregory Davison, Management/Computer Information Systems, O’Fallon, Ill.
          •  Robert Dixon, Management/Computer Information Systems, Mascoutah, Ill.
          •  Alexander Dunker, Information and Computer Science, Waterloo, Ill. (attended Waterloo High School)
          •  Carlos Esguerra, Management, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
          •  Lorinda Fields, Management/Computer Information Systems, Belleville, Ill. (attended Cliffside [N.J.] High School)
          •  Robert Fowler, Management/Computer Information Systems, O’Fallon, Ill. (attended Mountain View High School, Bend, Ore.)
          •  Myra Fox, Management/Healthcare, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
          •  Michael Gay, Management/Computer Information Systems, Belleville, Ill.
          •  James Gilbert, Management/Logistics, Langley Air Force Base, Va.
          •  Teneea Green, Management/Human Resources, Venice, Fla. (attended Union City [Tenn.] High School)
          •  Tony Harmon, Computer Science, O’Fallon, Ill.
          •  C-Huey Harrison, Management/Computer Information Systems, Florissant, Mo. (attended University City High School, St. Louis, Mo.)
          •  Justine Henderson, Management/Human Resources, Belleville, Ill. (attended Belleville High School)
          •  Stephen Heywood, Management, Belleville, Ill. (attended Monmouth Regional High School, Tinton Falls, N.J.)
          •  David Jermyn, Management, Mascoutah, Ill. (attended John Marshall High School, Rochester, N.Y.)
          •  Dennis Johnson, Management, O’Fallon, Ill. (attended Charlotte Valley Central High School, Davenport, N.Y.)
          •  Jennifer Johnson, Management/Human Resources, Wetumpka, Ala.
          •  Joshua Kelly, Management, Ramsey, Ill. (attended Ramsey High School)
          •  Dean Knight, Management, Mascoutah, Ill.,
          •  Thomas Koshak, Management, Belleville, Ill. (attended Harrisonville [Mo.] High School)
          •  James Lee, Management, Belleville, Ill.,
          •  Mark Lehman, Management/Logistics, O’Fallon, Ill. (attended Duchesne High School, St. Charles, Mo.)
          •  Brenda Marshall, Management, Mascoutah, Ill. (attended East Anchorage [Ala.] High School)
          •  Joshua McClain, Management/Healthcare, Belleville, Ill.
          •  Christopher Novak, Management, Lebanon, Ill.
          •  David Ollivant, Management, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
          •  Crystal Patterson, Management/Marketing, Madison, Ill. (attended Venice [Ill.] High School)
          •  Shelley Person, Management/Human Resources, O’Fallon, Ill.
          •  Heather Picos, Management, Belleville, Ill. (attended Caldwell [Texas] High School)
          •  Edward Riefle, Management, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
          •  Daniel Smalley, Management/Human Resources, Belleville, Ill.
          •  Jill Smith, Management/Computer Information Systems, O’Fallon, Ill.
          •  Christopher Soto-Lopez, Management/Computer Information Systems, St. Louis, Mo. (attended Frederick Douglass Academy, New York, N.Y.)
          •  Joy Soucek, Social Psychology/Clinical and Abnormal, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
          •  Beverly Spademan, Social Psychology, Tullahoma, Tenn.
          •  Greg Stephenson, Management/Computer Information Systems, St. Genevieve, Mo.
          •  Terry Toennies, Management, Trenton, Ill. (attended Wesclin High School)
          •  Robert Wilcox, Management/Computer Information Systems, Troy, Ill. (attended Dallas City [Ill.] High School)
          •  Christopher Williams, Management, Medford, Ore.

          •  Jason Barber, Management, Belleville, Ill. (attended Plano [Texas] High School)
          •  Trayce Burgess-Gumina, Management/Logistics, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.        
          •  Kevin Hill, Management, Galax, Va. (attended Carroll County High School, Hillsville, Va.)
          •  Robert Richardson, Management, Louisville, Ky. (attended Northampton County High School East, Conway, N.C.)
          •  Cordell Roberson, Social Psychology, Belleville, Ill.
          •  Calvin White, Management, O’Fallon, Ill.