Park University Announces Camp Pendleton Campus Center Graduates

Friday, September 6, 2013

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Sept. 6, 2013 — Park University’s Camp Pendleton (Calif.) Marine Corps Base Campus Center held its commencement ceremony on Sept. 5 at the Base Theater. The University had 43 students eligible to participate in the ceremony — 40 undergraduates received their bachelor’s degree and three graduate students received their master’s degree.

Rene Longoria, San Clemente, Calif., who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice administration/law enforcement, was named “Outstanding Graduate.”


Master of Business Administration
     • Marcus Gilmore
     • Sonya Leiataua Moafauna

Master of Public Affairs
     • Iris Jackeline Antunez Barahona


Bachelor of Science
     • Jay Terrence Anderson, Management
     • Bret Baker, Social Psychology
     • Cassie Marie Baker, Social Psychology
     • Griselda Benjamin, Management/Logistics
     • Cindy Black, Management/Human Resources
     • Daniel A. Castillo, Criminal Justice Administration
     • Janie Chanthavong, Management/Accounting
     • James Coleman III, Criminal Justice Administration
     • Michelle G. Cotton-Cunningham, Social Psychology
     • Maria Elena DeSoto, Social Psychology
     • Shannon Duncan, Social Psychology
     • Robert P. Garcia, Management
     • Janelle Hardy, Management/Computer Information Systems
     • Harold Huckabaa, Social Psychology
     • Seigfried L. Hurst Sr., Management
     • Salomon Johns, Management/Computer Information Systems
     • Neema Laizer, Management/Accounting
     • Carman Annette Leaston, Social Psychology
     • Chanese Lee, Management
     • Edmond Lewis, Management/Finance
     • Waukita Lewis, Management/Health Care
     • Vincent N. Lombardi III, Management
     • Rene Longoria, Criminal Justice Administration
     • Juan Maza, Management
     • Aurora Medrano, Management
     • Jose Mendoza-Celleri, Social Psychology
     • Sean C. Parker, Management/Finance and Management/Human Resources)
     • Kathryn Marie Parrnelli, Management/Human Resources
     • Matthew Pfarr, Management
     • Michael T. Raybon Jr., Management
     • Stephanie Rose Robertson, Management/Human Resources
     • Joshua Aaron Roth, Social Psychology
     • Irasema Harley Seanez, Criminal Justice Administration and Management
     • Andrew J. Smith, Management
     • Laurel Smith, Management/Finance
     • Darryl L. Snipe II, Management/Marketing
     • Ebony Starr Stanley, Management
     • Joseph G. Taylor, Management/Human Resources
     • Nicole Marie Thomsen, Management
     • Ashley Taylor Thorn, Social Psychology

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