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Undergraduate Students

Our campus centers nationwide offer undergraduate programs in an accelerated, 8-week format so you can earn your degree fast. At Park University, our goal is to make it as easy and as inexpensive as possible for you to complete your degree and to build your success. That's why we offer more choices of class times, locations and online options for completing your degree.

With 40 campus centers offer face-to-face instruction with degree offerings varying by location. Park University serves traditional and non-traditional students in day, weekend and evening programs; and the University is the largest provider of online education to the military.

The Park flagship campus in Parkville, MO., offers traditional 16-week classes. Students who are interested in a blended approach can take advantage of our online program in conjunction with face-to-face courses offered at our campus centers.

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Campus Center Locations

Campus center locations are nationwide and offer face-to-face classes. Most locations serve civilian and military and their families although a small number are restricted to military service members.

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