Below are some common terms that new Freshmen may find confusing when coming to campus. New Freshmen will want to learn these terms because they will be using them throughout their college careers. 

Academic Advisor
Once a major has been declared, each student is assigned a faculty member as an academic advisor. Before the semester begins, each student is required to meet with their advisor to enroll in classes for the next semester. This advisor essentially acts as a mentor for your academic journey here at Park. 

Account Hold
When a student has a hold on their account, it is not possible to enroll in classes, access grades from the semester or get transcripts. A hold can be placed on your account through any type of misconduct, but most commonly through unpaid parking tickets. 

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct faculty teach many classes at Park University. They do not have offices on campus and may or may not have office hours; however, they are readily available to students. Each faculty member sets their communication times based on the course and student needs. 

The course catalog outlines all the courses required before graduation for each respective major and minor. It is a great tool when considering what classes to take and whether it would be useful to add a minor to improve your degree. 

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Tests 
These tests give you the opportunity to receive credit for things that you already know. The Testing Center, which is located in the Underground, offers many different CLEP tests that can be taken to contribute credit towards receiving your bachelor's degree. A maximum of 27 credit hours may be accepted towards the completion of a degree at Park through these CLEP tests. 

This is a group of approximately 10 students who work with Admissions to make the process of becoming a Park student as easy as possible. They give tours and talk with students to help with the transition to life at Park. 

Confirming Classes
Confirming classes is the last step to take before the beginning of the semester. This is where classes are paid for, meaning that your inclusion in the class is confirmed. The confirmation deadline is always one week before the start of classes. Students can confirm in person at Enrollment Services or online. Failure to confirm by this date will mean that you are dropped from your classes and will have to meet with your academic advisor to get into classes for the semester. 

Credit Hours
At Park, each class is worth a certain number of credit hours. Typically a class is 3 credit hours, but the addition of a lab, for example, will make the class worth 4 credit hours. In order to graduate in 4 years the average student is enrolled in 15 credit hours (typically 5 classes) per semester. 

Degree Audit
The degree audit is a listing of all the requirements needed to complete your degree. It is a good tool to advise you on the requirements that you have already completed and those that you have left to complete, as well as the prerequisites for those classes. Your personal degree audit can be accessed by logging into MyPark using your student ID number and password. 

Canvas Online Classroom
Otherwise known as, this is the online teaching community at Park. Each semester, you can access your classroom online through here. It is a place to submit assignments electronically, as well as to share resources and discussions with classmates and professors. 

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
The FAFSA must be completed by all students at Park each year in order to apply for financial aid. This consists of many questions about a student's (and their family's) assets, income and dependency.

Independent Study
When a class is not offered at a time when you can attend, with the permission of your academic advisor, it is sometimes possible to set up an independent study program where you do a series of coursework without attending class. This is only possible in special circumstances and will be set up by the Registrar

Liberal Arts Education
Park University offers a liberal arts education. This requires a broad range of courses focusing on the experience of learning to be taken before graduation, as opposed to specific professional training. At the heart of this liberal arts education is Park's mission statement: "The mission of Park University, an entrepreneurial institution of learning, is to provide access to academic excellence which will prepare learners to think critically, communicate effectively and engage in lifelong learning while serving a global community."

MyPark is your online access "portal" to everything at Park University, including your degree audit, grades and transcripts. It can be accessed by logging in with your student ID and password. 

Payment Plan
You can set up a payment plan  through Enrollment Services during course confirmation for a $25 fee. This will split payments for classes and room and board across the semester to make the costs more manageable. 

Prerequisites are the classes or tests that you must take and pass before enrolling in a certain class. These are noted on your personal degree audit. 

RA (Resident Assistant)
There is one RA living on each floor of the two dorms here at Park. They are the main contact for everyone who lives on that floor and are available to help with any problems that may arise. RAs also promote community on campus by organizing really great events in the dorms.

The registrar is available to help all students by providing a wide range of skills, resources and abilities that include setting up independent study classes, changing personal information, and dealing with transcript requests and inquiries. The Registrar's office is located on the third floor of McKay Hall. 

Resident Halls
There are two different residential halls here at Park University. Copley Quad is a suite-style hall with co-ed floors, but single-sex rooms that house four roommates sharing a living room and kitchenette and two students sharing a bedroom and bathroom. Chesnut is a semi-suite-style hall. Like Copley Quad, this residential hall has co-ed floors, but single-sex rooms. Here, two students live in one room and are connected to their suite mates through a bathroom that consists of a shower and toilet. There are also single rooms available in this building. 

Student Assistance
Student assistance is available through Enrollment Services, located in the Norrington Building on campus. You will visit Enrollment Services for many of your student needs, including confirming classes, setting up payment plans, registering for classes and getting your student ID printed. 

Student ID
Each Park student is issued a student ID number as soon as you apply or we receive any form of transcript from you. This number is used by administration to identify you throughout your time at Park. Once you register for classes, you will receive a student ID card with your student ID number. 

Every class at Park has its own unique syllabus written by the professor. This outlines the important assignments, readings and due dates, as well as the class outcomes and contact information for the professor. Syllabi can be found in individual classrooms on Canvas, as well as through MyPark

A transcript is an official record of the courses taken and grades achieved from an institution. When applying and being admitted to Park, all official high school and other college transcripts are required. You can get your high school transcripts by talking to your counselor. Once at Park, you can request your Park transcripts through the Registrar

Tuition is the cost of classes. At Park University, tuition is paid per credit hour. 

WCT (Writing Competency Test)
The WCT is an essay test that must be taken following the completion of EN106 and before enrollment in EN306 or other equivalent courses. There are several test dates across the course of the year. You can collect a test packet from Enrollment Services up to ten days before the test date for a $25 fee. 

Work Study
Work study is a type of financial aid that pays students to work part-time in different departments on campus. Federal work-study is available to eligible students who have completed the FAFSA.