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Student Insurance

All residential students, international F-1 status students, and athletes are required to carry student insurance. If you have your own medical insurance, you MUST submit an insurance waiver to the Enrollment Services office no later than eight (8) days after the start of the term. Waivers need to be submitted each academic year

Insurance cards are available at the Enrollment Services office within four (4) weeks of the start of the semester. Be sure to check your Park Google Apps for a message advising when to pick up your card. If you need to use your insurance prior to receiving your insurance card, you will need to obtain an insurance brochure (available online United Health Care or in the Enrollment Services office, which contains a policy number. You will take the brochure with you to the doctor's office.

Our preferred provider network is First Health Network. You can visit www.FirstHealth.com to locate doctors accepting our insurance.

To enroll in Park University’s Student Insurance policy, please complete the STUDENT INSURANCE ENROLLMENT FORM Enroll for student insurance.


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