Behavioral Intervention Team

We at Park University are concerned about the safety, health, and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff - individually and collectively. In light of violent incidents at universities and other venues in recent years, we recognize the need to form a group to provide assistance to Park University members who are experiencing stressful or difficult situations. By collaborating as a Team, we strive to effectively balance the rights of individuals with the security of groups.

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) functions to assess and manage potentially dangerous situations on the various Park University campuses and online. Another objective of the group is to provide on-going professional development and educational programs - to enable members of the community to more effectively handle potentially difficult situations. Students will learn more about bystander intervention, and their role in maintaining a safe and secure campus. Faculty will be exposed to effective classroom management techniques to assist them in an online or face-to-face classroom environment. Staff will develop skills to better manage difficult interactions in an office or other area of the institution. All members of the campus community will learn protocols for specific campus incidents, discover the early warning signs that are indicators of inappropriate behavior, have access to helpful resources, and develop skills to more effectively handle difficult situations.

The BIT will focus primarily on students who may be exhibiting signs of pending problems, and the group will also monitor issues relating to faculty, staff, and campus visitors. The Team's intent is to serve as a resource to faculty, staff, and students who may have a concern about another member of the Park community. Park members can submit an online form explaining their concerns, and members of the BIT will research the issue to determine if an intervention is appropriate. Please know that any information you submit will be handled confidentially, with the purpose of assisting the student, faculty, or staff person you have named.

Please review this website to find helpful resources, the online report form, list of protocols for various incidents, and a list of helpful phone numbers you can call for assistance. The BIT strives to maintain a safe and healthy environment at Park University, and we all must work together to achieve that goal. If you have questions or suggestions for members of the Team - please feel free to send an e-mail to