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Kenneth R. Hougland, '49
      Distinguished Alumnus,  2004

Kenneth R. Hougland, í49, is the Park University Alumni Associationís 2004 Distinguished Alumnus.  He was chosen for this prestigious alumni award based on his distinguished career, his volunteerism and his long-term support of his alma mater.

Hougland is a native of Kansas City who returned home after serving in World War II with the 20th Air Force.  He immediately enrolled in Park where he earned an undergraduate degree in economics. On campus he stood out as a leader, accepting such roles as Phillips Dormitory president and chairman of the Religious Life Committee.  His academic and student leadership experiences launched his distinguished career down a path that has utilized his aptitude for management, religion, higher education and finances. 

After graduation from Park, Hougland attended the University of Illinois where he earned a masterís degree in Labor and Industrial Relations.  As part of his graduate studies he served a labor internship with Butler Manufacturing Company, and a management internship with National College, both in Kansas City, Mo.  Upon the personal recommendation of Parkís President J. L. Zwingle, he was able to combine the latter internship with the position of business manager at National College.  In addition to administrative responsibilities, Hougland served as professor of Economics and Political Science.  He held this position from 1950 to 1955.  

The next step in Houglandís career took him to The Chicago Theological Seminary where he served as business manager from 1955 to 1962.  Faced with a severe budgetary crisis, he successfully met the challenge by reorganizing the seminaryís struggling finances.  During the seven years Hougland managed the business office, the seminary overcame its financial deficits and completed a major building campaign. 

With this successful track record, Hougland returned to Park, where he served as business manager from 1962 to 1969.  His responsibilities included hiring all non-academic personnel, overseeing construction and maintenance of the physical property and supervision of the schoolís endowment funds.  Hougland supervised the construction of Shepard Hall in 1968. 

            In 1969 Hougland moved into the position of business manager of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.  He retired in 1986 from this institution as the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Business Manager/Treasurer.  In that role, he was in charge of all budgetary operations, non-academic personnel, building and grounds, dining areas, dormitories and the $20 million endowment. 

Since his days at Park , Hougland has maintained an active role in the Presbyterian Church.  He has served as an elder of the Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky; as a member of the board and treasurer of Furlough Home Board of Louisville, Kentucky, which provides housing for Presbyterian missionaries; and as a member of the Board of Highlands Community Ministries, Inc., an ecumenical outreach program of 26 churches in Louisville.  As a volunteer he served both as the executive director of the Covenant Housing Fund, Inc. which built homes for low income people, and as chairman of the building committee and a board member for Highlands Court, Inc., where he supervised the construction of a 100-unit apartment building for elderly and handicapped residents.  In addition to his church-related volunteer roles, he has been a member of numerous boards, including the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, the Fund for Community Ministries and the Kansas City Regional Council of Higher Education. Hougland also served on the Park University Alumni Council, holding the office of treasurer.

Hougland met his wife Eva (Tyree) while attending Park.  They were married in Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel shortly after she graduated from Park in 1950.  They reside in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and have a son, Daniel; a daughter, Dana; and two grandsons.  Hougland is an amateur photographer and enjoys gardening and singing in the church choir. 

The Alumni Association is proud to recognize Ken Houglandís professional and volunteer accomplishments.  They acknowledge and thank him for his contributions to his profession, his community and to Park University by presenting him with the 2004 Distinguished Alumnus award.