School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate Assistantship program at Park provides students with a meaningful professional experience that enhances their graduate education and career development.  While the program is intended to assist students financially, Graduate Assistantship awards are not designed to provide students with all funding for their education; students should expect to have additional financial resources. 

Within this broad framework, assistantships focus on – for example:

  • Teaching-related duties (providing supplemental instruction or tutoring, leading discussion groups, participating in student learning assessment);
  • Research (assisting an academic program or administrative unit in conducting research, often leading to presentation and publication opportunities for the Graduate Assistant); and
  • Administration (program development, program facilitation, and assessment). Graduate Assistants contribute significantly to the areas within the University they serve.  The role supplements and enhances the work of the area served and is not intended to replace core staff duties and functions. 

Applications for 2017-2018


  • Please complete the application form located at:
  • Note: Please note: Completing this form requires that you upload a current resume and two academic/professional recommendation letters. Please have these materials ready prior to starting the form.
  • Note: Graduate Assistantships are notautomatically renewed; all students seeking one must apply.

Qualification Standards for Graduate Assistantships

  • Assistantships are awarded on a highly competitive basis. To be considered for a graduate assistantship; applicants must be fully admitted into a graduate degree program in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Graduate students who have completed graduate work before applying must have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on all graduate coursework.
  • Evidence of academic excellence and professional skills are primary requirements for receiving and holding Assistantships.
  • Students whose native language is other than English must possess strong English language proficiency.
  • If applicants have any accounts with Park University, all balances must be paid in full.
  • Limited outside employment may be possible, with approval of the supervisor and graduate program director. In additional, international students serving as graduate assistants must be cleared for any additional hours by the International Student Admissions and Services office.

Work Requirements

Graduate assistants are required to work for at least 20 hours per week on average. Students may not be required to report to work during school breaks, unless otherwise required to do so by the supervisor.


All graduate assistants receive a modest monthly stipend and some tuition assistance.

Basic Requirements of Graduate Assistants

  • Must be enrolled in six graduate credit hours per semester (or three credits per 8 week term) Maintain a 3.0 GPA to hold assistantships (departmental requirements may be higher)
  • Make satisfactory progress toward degree as defined by academic departments and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Continue to meet qualification standards for the award
  • Satisfactory completion of duties as assigned by supervisor

Appointment Process

The appointment process will begin about May 15 each year. Appointment authorization is made by letter from Academic Affairs. 

Terms of Appointment

  • Duration:
    • Graduate Assistantships are awarded for the term of one academic year, and may be renewed to a maximum of two years, excluding summers.
    • Renewals of Graduate Assistantships for a second year are made on a competitive basis; current GA's must apply.
    • Single-semester appointments may be made.
  • Enrollment in six graduate credit hours per semester, maintaining a 3.0 GPA, in order to maintain their assistantship.
  • Maintenance of appropriate performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Demonstration of conduct in compliance with standards outlined in the Park University Student Handbook and the Employee Handbook.


Graduate Assistants must be evaluated every semester by their faculty member/supervisor. Supervisors, with the Graduate Assistant’s professional development in mind, must establish goals and guidelines appropriate to the assigned tasks and base their evaluation on those goals and guidelines. 

Evaluations are submitted to Academic Affairs at the end of each semester. 

Persons holding graduate assistantships must be treated fairly and professionally, consistent with the highest professional standards. 


Maintaining the award of a graduate assistantship is subject to satisfactory performance of assigned duties, progress towards the degree and maintenance of a minimum of 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). Those who fail to meet these standards may lose their assistantship.