School of Business

Office of the Dean

Kleindl, Brad Brad Kleindl, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business
Professor of Marketing
B.S. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
M.B.A. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University
(816) 584-6308

Penny DeJongPenelope DeJong, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, School of Business
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(816) 584-6345

Kelli Clevenger Kelli Clevenger
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
School of Business
B.S. Missouri State University 
(816) 584-6308

Harold GriffinHarold Griffin, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Edward F. Lyle Professor of Finance
and Director of the Graduate Program in Business
Director, MHA Program 
(816) 559-5678

Jackie Campbell Jackie Campbell, M.H.L.
MBA Director
(816) 559-5635 

Leone, Anita Anita Leone
Administrative Assistant
School of Business

(816) 584-6795