Undergraduate Business Programs

About the Programs

The School of Business at Park University offers eleven different undergraduate degree options.

The School of Business’ degrees consist of a business core and major concentrations. The business core provides a broad education covering the major functional areas of business. The major concentrations will help a student prepare for a career in business or government leadership and provides the knowledge and skills desired by all types of employers.

Degrees are offered as either a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with concentrations, or Management degree options.

Welcome from the Associate Dean

Penny DejongWelcome to the undergraduate program of Park University’s School of Business. ParkSB offers a variety of challenging programs, including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Logistics, Management and Marketing. These programs are designed by academics and professionals in the field to provide you with a firm theoretical foundation as well as cutting edge trends in your area of interest. Park students are diverse, bringing a wide variety of experiences to the table. Faculty have a broad range of academic and professional experience. More Go

Degree and Concentration Offerings

The School of Business at Park University offers the following degrees and concentrations in the following areas:

4+1 Undergraduate to Graduate
The program allows undergraduate students in business (all majors) to take graduate coursework in the MBA or MHA program and reduce the time necessary to complete the graduate degree from two years to as little as one year following the completion of the undergraduate degree.
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The accounting major prepares students for a professional career in public accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, or governmental accounting.
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This degree program gives students in-depth education in one of the applied social sciences.
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This program imparts an understanding of the various areas and principles of finance and provides the student with a core knowledge and analytical methods to succeed in this field.
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Human Resource Management
This program focuses on the study of organizations and the use of personnel as a primary institutional resource.
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International Business
Students taking the International Business major receive a broad education covering the major functional areas needed to succeed in the global marketplace.
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Students taking the Management core receive a broad education covering the major functional areas of management.
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This program provides students an in-depth understanding of the various marketing disciplines.
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This program provides a comprehensive knowledge and skill set to students who wish to pursue challenging careers in the rapidly growing logistics area by serving the needs of a dynamic industry.
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Engineering Administration
This degree delivers an “applied” orientation whereby students are prepared to put into practical use the knowledge gained from the program. The program develops technical, administrative and leadership skills required in managing construction personnel and activities. Skills developed in the program may be applied to a management career in a private construction company, as an owner, preparing for a career in senior management in a large construction firm, or in managing construction personnel and projects within a military environment.
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Computer Information Systems Management
This major specifically prepares the student in computer usage while enhancing knowledge and tools of business management and organizational theory. It is both a theoretical and practical program which can prepare the student for a career in computer management, systems applications and other computer-related positions in business, government, and industry.
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Healthcare Management
This program meets the educational needs of students who intend to pursue active careers in healthcare fields or enroll in graduate work in healthcare administration. This program is designed to provide the student with the necessary background to satisfy the demands of either alternative while at the same time developing a breadth of knowledge in the liberal arts tradition.
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Why Choose Your Undergraduate Degree from Park University?

Park's well-qualified and dedicated faculty possess a wealth of business expertise, education, and scholarship. Instructors have both real-world professional and teaching experience, including online instruction.