Mission Statement

The mission of the Marketing Program in Park University’s School of Business is dedicated to providing students with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to broaden their ability to think critically, act ethically and add value to their marketing careers in the competitive and increasingly complex global business environment.

Vision Statement

The Marketing Program of Park University’s School of Business will be the leading provider for a diversity of learners who want a high quality program that provides flexible delivery systems and the opportunity to choose the focus of their marketing degree.

Marketing Competencies

1a.  Conduct a SWOT analysis.

1b. Create positioning strategy specific to a target market demonstrating knowledge of the 4 P’s and their relationship to strategy and competitive advantage.

 2a. Demonstrate a working knowledge of break even analysis, price setting, forecasting, ROI, etc.

3a.  Identify and evaluate secondary data.

3b.  Identify problem/opportunity, select appropriate research design and data collection method, sampling plan and coding method.

3c.  Perform appropriate statistical tests,interpret and report data.

4a.  Conduct a major case analysis to include a SWOT analysis with identification of stakeholders.

4b. Identify strategic alternatives, demonstrating an understanding of global and domestic implications.

4c. Apply ethical and socially responsible standards demonstrating personal integrity.

5a. Describe concepts of motivation, involvement, perception and learning.

5b. Describe influential factors including perception of self, lifestyles, attitudes, cultures, demographics and referents.

5c. Describe decision making processes.

5d. Demonstrate knowledge of factors that relate to consumer satisfaction and its importance. 

6a. Write clear, concise, grammatically correct marketing plans, reports, and analyses.

6b. Deliver professional presentations with appropriate use of technology.