Mission Statement

The mission of the Management Program within Park University’s School of Business is to provide high quality, innovative, application oriented education, research, and service in support of free enterprise in a socially responsible manner to students, the academic community, and the public.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Management Program within Park University’s School of Business is to:
  • Develop high quality, informative, state-of-the-art courses that incorporate critical thinking and concern for ethical behavior and deliver them to students in an effective manner.
  • Establish and maintain assessment artifacts that will fairly determine the level of course content understanding in accordance with established learning outcomes.
  • Experiment with course delivery methodology to continually search for better student understanding of the course content.
  • Conduct research of contemporary literature and business results to ensure that the course content presented to students is up-to-date and in accordance with the established values.

Management Competencies

1a. Develop a functional organization chart with communication interdependencies. 

1b. Develop mapping of processes for an Enterprise Resource Planning System.

2a. Conduct a SWOT analysis.

2b. Develop a strategic plan with implementing and evaluation requirements.

3a. Demonstrate a working knowledge of environmental and business analyses, forecasting, and operational planning/ control techniques.

3b. Demonstrate the ability to examine a business firm as a whole and to integrate the various functional disciplines.

4a. Identify and evaluate operational data.

4b. Identify problem/opportunity, develop and analyze alternatives for solution/amelioration.

4c. Perform appropriate statistical/quantitative analyses; and interpret and report data.

5. Conduct, write, and present clear, concise, grammatically correct case analyses, planning documents, and research papers 

6a. Identify strategic alternatives which demonstrate an understanding of global and domestic implications.

6b. Apply ethical and socially responsible standards demonstrating personal integrity.