School of Business

Graduate Programs

Students in the School of Business can take their courses at any of our Kansas City locations or online. The School of Business has Kansas City campus locations on our Parkville Campus, our Metro Downtown Campus, and our Independence Campus. In addition to our Kansas City locations, the School of Business delivers education to over 40 campus centers throughout the United States.

Master of Business Administration

Program Details
The Master of Business Administration (MBA), founded in 1998, is offered through the School of Business at Park University. Whether you are advancing through the ranks of an international corporation or re-entering the workplace to join a small non-profit agency, the business skills and tools developed in the Park MBA program are vital for success in today's fast-paced business environment.

The MBA degree may be earned entirely through the online delivery mode or through the traditional face-to-face delivery method or a combination of both. Enrolling in the online MBA program provides flexibility in when and where learning takes place without sacrificing rigor and academic excellence.

Master of Healthcare Administration

Program Details 
The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program is designed for those individuals who are currently, or who aspire to be, leaders in a variety of health settings. Today’s health organizations need administrators who can manage the current components of health care, as well as lead the health sector in new directions.

The MHA program offers students the opportunity to understand and master the organizational, legal, financial, political and managerial aspects of health systems management. The MHA program offers a unique curriculum that is designed specifically to meet the career needs of future health leaders.