Department of Natural and Physical Sciences

Current Needs - Large Scale

Gift Picture Description Estimated Cost
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) SEM #1 Priority (without question) for all members of the department to use for teaching and research. Commonly can be found “used” for $80,000-120,000, but this is an incredible piece of equipment that does not cost millions. $80,000-120,000
Infrared Spectrophotometer (aka FTRI) FTRI It is used to identify compounds or investigate sample composition. The one at Park University is currently broken. $15,000-20,000
Gas Chromatographer (GC) GC Used for separating and analyzing compounds. The one at Park is currently broken and would cost as much as a new one to repair. $3,000-6,000
Petrographic Microscope (polarizing lenses) PM Allows light to only pass through objects in certain orientations. Key to identify many materials, minerals. $3,000-6,000

Current Needs - Small Scale

The faculty of the Department of Natural and Physical Sciences would like to establish a fund dedicated to student travel expenses to attend scientific conferences and symposia. More Go

Examples of Past Gifts

  • Funding for the Biology program to remodel room 116 in the Science Hall to create in undergraduate research space.
  • Generous estate gift to the Chemistry program.
  • Expansive paleontology collections donated to the Geography program.