Studying History

The objective of historical inquiry is to investigate an understanding of the past. Historians endeavor to discover precedents and ascertain consequences by means of meticulous research based on documents and artifacts remaining from prior people, places, and periods.

Historians search for the “how and why change occurs within societies and cultures,” but a means to rationalize the continued existence of tradition, recognize the multifaceted relationship between permanence and transformation, and describe the basis, progress, and regression of societies and thoughts. History, as a field of study, is also notable by its unusually expansive scale.

The study of history is universally recognized for the appreciation of the historical is necessary to an appreciation of the contemporary. Challenging one to examine our global society through the lenses of the past, current occupants form a meaning and consistency at the same time as acknowledging difficulty and uncertainty.

The study of history assists the student of history in proficiencies that have universal application, no matter what one’s life work might become. Students of history learn good habits of thought. They analyze ideas and data, and develop original interpretations of such materials. No matter what vocation a student selects after graduation, historical study helps one to comprehend and contextualize the problems of contemporary society, while also enhancing one’s research, writing and presentation skills.