Department Features

The Distinctive Features of Our Department

Program Portfolio
As an English major at Park University, you will develop critical practices in reading, writing, and thinking, and gaining the ability to construct creative, humanist responses to literature, life and intellectual endeavor.  In order to reflect on scholarly achievement, all English majors are asked to compile a portfolio of coursework that demonstrates their achievement toward the English program competencies.  The portfolio is a flexible, personal, and public document that shows off what you know and what you can.  As such, the portfolio serves as an assessment of your learning and as an authentic artifact of your time in the English program.

Capstone Project
In the final semester of every English major’s career at Park, he or she will enroll in EN490, the capstone. In this course, each student selects a limited range of authors, works, or concepts in literature, and embarks on an intensive study of the chosen subject. Under the guidance of a professor and in collaborative discussions with peers, the student seeks a sophisticated and original understanding of literature by focusing on a limited subject.

The course culminates in a research paper that the student presents in a public forum. Attended by students, professors, and other members of the Park community, the capstone presentation is modeled on the traditional academic conference; students read the papers aloud in a panel format, and afterwards respond to challenging questions from the audience.

Independent Study Policy
The independent study will be offered to students only for courses not included in the regular face-to-face course rotation. It should not be viewed as a manner by which one may avoid the classroom offering. Exceptions may be granted at a faculty member's prerogative in extreme circumstances for students who have made every effort to enroll in face-to-face courses. The student must have passed the Writing Competency Test (WCT) prior to requesting an independent study. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Requests must be made at least one month prior to the semester during which the independent study will be held.

Request for enrollment in an independent study must be made to a faculty member who teaches the requested course in the classroom. The request should be in email form and should be copied to the department chairperson.

Faculty members will alert the department chairperson and the student's faculty advisor when an agreement is made with a student to conduct an independent study.