Goals and Literacies

Goals for All Communication Arts Graduates

  • The graduate recognizes excellence in professional activities and demonstrates the ability to create high level professional work. The graduate demonstrates professional dispositions in all activities.
  • The graduate demonstrates effective communication across cultures and audiences in her personal and professional life. The graduate recognizes the centrality of effective communication in societies and among peoples.
  • The graduate engages in critical and strategic thinking in personal and professional decision making.
  • The graduate applies ethical principles in resolving professional questions always recognizing the connection between professional communicators and their communities. The graduate’s personal and professional ethics are in harmony. The graduate expresses the desire to utilize her profession for the good of her community.
  • The graduate demonstrates appreciation of the First Amendment, freedom of speech, a free press, open inquiry and open government in the United States and honors the value of free and open discourse in all societies. The graduate also recognizes and applies the corresponding responsibilities inherent in such an open society in her personal and professional conduct.
  • The graduate demonstrates familiarity with the history and cannon of the profession.
  • The graduate demonstrates awareness of the modern symbolic environment, discerns the implicit and explicit messages contained in a variety of texts, then applies her understanding of symbols and effects to her personal and professional life.

Translating the Literacies to Practice

Literacies Model