International Center for Music

Graduate Artist Diploma in Music Performance

Two-Year Program — Applied Emphasis in Piano, Violin, Viola or Cello

The Graduate Artist Diploma in Music Performance is housed within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This is a unique program open to only a few highly gifted artists who have demonstrated exemplary artistic achievement in their academic/professional career, and is the most advanced course of study in music offered at Park University. This course of study is to prepare the individual for a concert/stage career, or a major appointment in the professional or academic arena.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general rules that are applicable for admission to the School for Graduate and Professional Studies at Park University, specific admission requirements are as follows:
  1. Bachelor of Music or related undergraduate degree from a U. S. institution, an equivalent bachelor’s degree from an accredited foreign institution of higher education, or equivalent professional experience as determined by the faculty of the International Center for Music.
  2. An audition before the music faculty. In approved situations, a recording may be submitted in lieu of a live audition.

Each applicant must furnish a complete list of repertoire and recital history at the time of application. This is an advanced program of study at the graduate level, supervised and approved by the graduate faculty of Park University.

Course Requirements

Program Requirement, 24 Hours, 3.0 GPA
MU 601 Applied Music
Total Hours 24