College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Events and Programs

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year exploring a range of topics encompassed by the diverse areas of study within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Ethnic Voices Poetry Series

The purpose of the Ethnic Voices Poetry Series, begun in fall 2007, is to expose individuals to artistic thought and expression that challenges their preconceptions about those whose experiences and points of view differ from their own. Because all literature focuses on the human condition, a sharing of that literature promotes a sharing of ideas regarding the challenges, disappointments, and celebrations of all people, and the written and verbal expression of emotions that those activities promote.

Hear podcasts of poet interviews at New Letters on the Air.

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Student Research and Creative Arts Symposium

Park Student SymposiumThe annually held Student Research and Creative Arts Symposium showcases the scholarly work of students from all disciplines and campus locations at Park University. Undergraduate and graduate students submit course work or independent research projects, either single or collaboratively-authored.
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