Department of Psychology and Sociology

Faculty Policies

The following minimum guidelines must be met prior to application for teaching at any of the various Park University campuses:
  • Graduate degree in psychology or closely related field
  • Graduate coursework relevant to the course you wish to teach

Example of an effective course justification:
  • I feel that my background in medicine and family practice qualifies me to teach PS309 Human Sexuality. As your catalog describes the terminal learning objectives of PS309, I feel that my background in medicine and family practice qualify me to teach the following areas:
    • Biology of the human reproductive system, including the functional descriptions of the internal and external sexual organs and how they function during maturation and eventually, reproduction and birth.
    • Biological (limbic system), sociological and psychological aspects related to human sexual arousal and mating.
    • Sexually transmitted diseases: causes, cures and social impact.
    • "Normal" sexual organ disease processes related to aging or pathology, including female non-arousal/orgasmic disorders, male impotency and prostate problems.
    • Sociological and psychological aspects of the various forms of behaviors that human sexuality is expressed, including homosexuality.
    • Other sexual topics as they may arise will be addressed.

My style of teaching is very "participative" where all students are encouraged to make class presentation on various topics from the text. Human sexuality classes should be dignified learning environments that do not encourage sexual euphemisms or profanity in any form. My goal is to decrease the sexual confusion and tension that our Western Culture has brought with it from the Victorian Era and assist students in establishing and maintaining a very healthy sex life that is free of stress and guilt. My tests will be made up of objective multiple-choice items that will gauge the level of understanding of the critical learning objectives. Subjective essay question will be included to enable the learner to share their beliefs and insights gained during the course. Subjective items will be weighted much less than objective, since they will be difficult to quantify.