Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Offered face-to-face on the Parkville campus, online, and as an extended learning program on select campuses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is a valuable liberal arts major that prepares students for a variety of careers in business, government, human and social services, and social research and data analysis. It teaches students to collect, analyze, interpret, and apply valid and reliable data and explanations to personal decisions and to public and organizational policies. This degree requires a minimum of 122 total credit hours to graduate.

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  • 42 hours
  • 2.0 Cumulative GPA

Parkville, 16-Week   Online Accelerated   Extended 8-Week Accelerated

Degree Requirements

Curriculum (2013-2014 Catalog) Hours
Core Curriculum 24
SO 141 Introduction to Sociology 3
SO 220 Ethical Issues in Social Sciences 3
SO 206 Social Issues in Contemporary Society 3
SO/PS 301 Social Psychology 3
SO/PS 300* Research Methods 3
SO/PS 307 Statistics for Social Sciences 3
SO 403 Social Theory 3
SO 430 Field Placement 3
*Program specified substitution for EN 306 writing requirement.
Two Required Advanced Level Courses: 6
SO 315 Minority Group Relations 3
SO 302 The Study of the Family 3
SO 322 Sociology of Health & Illness 3
SO 328 Sociology of Religion 3
SO 303 Urban Sociology 3
SO 421 Organizational Sociology 3
SO 425 Sociology of Work & Professions 3
SO 451 Advanced Social Psychology 3
Professional Seminars: 3
SO/PS 398 Junior Seminar 1
SO/PS 498 Senior Capstone 2
Electives: Choose any three courses from sociology. 9
Total Hours 42

Senior Examination

The comprehensive examination will be required for all B.A. Psychology and B.S. Social Psychology students. For those students entering catalog years 2009 forward, it will be embedded in the PS/SO498 capstone course. It will be worth 25% of the student's grade in that course. The student will be able to take the comprehensive examination up to 3 times in a term and the highest score will be used for their grade in the course. For students in catalog year 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 must pass with a minimum score of 70%; and 2008-2009 must pass with a minimum score of 60%; the COEX is a proctored examination (closed book; 2 hour limit).