Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work

Offered face-to-face on the Parkville campus.

The Social Work degree program prepares students for beginning professional social work practice in a wide variety of human service and treatment settings. As generalist social work practitioners, graduates will be prepared to work collaboratively with diverse populations, particularly those who are vulnerable and at risk. Eco-systems theory and strengths perspective serve as overarching conceptual frameworks throughout the curriculum. All aspects of student learning in the classroom are integrated with the senior year field practicum experience. This degree requires a minimum of 122 total credit hours to graduate.

  • 45 hours, 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  • No grade lower than a “C”

Parkville, 16-Week
- Parkville, MO

Degree Requirements

Curriculum (2013-2014 Catalog) Hours
Core Curriculum 45
PS 309 Human Sexuality 3
SO 302 Study of the Family 3
SW 205 Introduction to Social Work 3
SW 325 Human Diversity & Social Justice 3
SW 330 Social Welfare Policy and Programs 3
SW 335 Social Work Research 3
SW 305 Human Behavior in Social Environment I 3
SW 405 Human Behavior in Social Environment II
SW 310 Social Work Practice I - Individuals & Families 3
SW 320 Social Work Practice II - Groups 3
SW 410 Social Work Practice III - Org. & Communities 3
SW 420 Field Instruction I 5
SW 421 Field Instruction Seminar I 1
SW 430 Field Instruction II 5
SW 431 Field Instruction Seminar II 1
Total Hours 45