Public Administration—Hauptmann School of Public Affairs

Bachelor of Public Administration

The Bachelor of Public Administration degree is designed for students who are interested or currently working in the public administration field. Be prepared to meet the unique challenges of public administration at the municipal, state or federal levels. The BPA provides a foundational background for those students wishing to pursue graduate studies, entry-level positions or continued professional development.

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About the Program

  • MA 120 Basic Concepts of Statistics
  • AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
  • PO 200 American National Government
  • PO 201 State and Local Government
  • PA 330 Public Administration
  • PA 333 Public Management and Leadership
  • PA 334 Public Personnel Administration
  • PA 350 Budget and Finance
  • PA 380 Public Service Values
  • PA 390 Administrative Law
  • PA 404 Capitalism and Societal Issues
  • Business relations
  • Criminal justice
  • Fire service management
  • Homeland security and
  • Public service.
Information for areas of emphasis are available in the undergraduate catalog.


18 hours must include PO 200, PA 330, PA 333, and 9 hours of PA prefix electives from the BPA Core and/or Public Service emphasis area excluding PA 430, PA 431, and PA 432.



The BPA program is part of the GEM Program and the AU-ABC.

PA Blended Course

All Park blended courses require weekly student activities and contact with the instructor; weekly attendance will be documented. Blended courses are typically defined as those where 20%-40% of traditional face-to face classroom time is replaced by online assignments and activities. Veterans Administration (VA) guidelines require at least 60% face-to-face content. Minimum class room F2F time at a campus center for a (3) credit hour course which meets (40) hours per term would be (3) credit hours x number of weeks in term (8) which equals (24) hours- (3) hours each week. At least 2 hours per week should be spent engaged in online classroom activities.

Early Access to MPA Program Courses (Effective 2015-2016)

With the approval of the Director of the MPA Program and Dean of the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs, BPA students who have senior standing with a 3.6 GPA or higher may take up to 9 credit hours at the graduate level that count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree. Learn More GO