Ellen Finley Earhart Department of Nursing

Faculty and Staff

Clithero, Vicki

Vicki Clithero, MSN,RN

Assistant Professor, Assistant Chair of BSN
B.S.N., Southwest Missouri State University,1987
M.S.N., University of Missouri, 1995
Office: AP 451
Telephone: (816) 584.6854
Email: vicki.clithero@park.edu 

Teresa Crowder, MSN,RN

Director of Simulation
MSN, Graceland University, 2010
BSN, University of Missouri- Kansas City, 2006
Office: AP 259
Telephone: (816) 584.6252
Email: teresa.crowder@park.edu
Pat Crowell

Pat Crowell RN MSN

Adjunct Clinical Instructor
MSN, Florida Atlantic University, 2008
BSN, Florida Atlantic University, 2006
RN, St. Agnes School of Nursing, 1968
Office: AP  361
Telephone: (816) 584.6465
Email: patricia.crowell@park.edu 

Endaya, Yollie

Yollie P. Endaya MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM

Adjunct Clinical Instructor
MSN, Webster University
BSN, Concordia College 1976
NCC, 1990
C-EFM, 1998
OBCLC, 1994
Office: AP 365
Telephone: (816) 584-6257
Email: yollie.endaya@park.edu

Haberyan, April

April Haberyan

Chair, Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S., University of Rochester, 1989
M.S., University of Rochester, 1993
M.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2000
Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2003
Office: AP 359
Telephone: (816) 584.6881
Email: ahaberyan@park.edu 

Nichole Hawks, PCCn,MSN,RN

Instructor of Nursing
B.S.N., University of Central Missouri, 2010
M.S.N., Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences, 2015
Office: AP 269
Telephone: (816) 584.6880
Email: nichole.hawks@park.edu

Jackson, Kathy

Kathy Jackson, RNC, MSN

Assistant Professor, Assistant Chair of ADN
B.S.N., Marquette University, 1982
M.S.N., University of Missouri- Kansas City, 1997
Office: AP 453
Telephone: (816) 584.6466
Email: kjackson@park.edu 

Orallo, Teresita

Teresita Orallo MSN, RNC-NIC

Adjunct Clinical Instructor
MSN, University of Phoenix, 2010
BSN, Trinity College, 1978
Office:AP 365
Telephone: (816) 584-6257
Email: teresita.orallo@park.edu

Walker, Gerry

Dr. Gerry Walker DHEd, MSN, RN

Associate Professor
DHEd, A.T. Still University, 2009
MSN, Valparaiso University, 1997
BSN, Missouri Western State College, 1991
Office: AP 455
Telephone: (816) 584-6359
Email: gerry.walker@park.edu

Cassandra Werle-Rice, MSN,RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing
MSN, Research College of Nursing.2011
BSN, Missouri Western State University,2005
Office: AP 261

Alysen Simmons

Administrative Assistant
Office: AP 365
Telephone: (816) 584-6257
 Email: alysen.simmons@park.edu

Katie Werth

Administrative Assistant
Office: AP 367
Telephone: (816) 584-6467
Email: katie.werth@park.edu

Faculty Qualifications

All of our nursing faculty must have at least a master's degree in nursing or be nearing completion of that degree based on Missouri State Board of Nursing and ACEN Accreditation Standards. To build on their existing degrees, some of our faculty are currently working on doctorates or planning to begin additional studies in the near future.  

ACEN, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326, Phone: (404) 975-5000, Fax: (404) 975-5020, Email: info@acenursing.org, Web: www.acenursing.org

Nursing Program Office

Offices: Academic Plaza  Telephone: (816) 584-6257
Email: nursing@park.edu 
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