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Degree Requirements - RN to BSN

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The RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Completion program requires a minimum of 120 completed credit hours, including 60 awarded hours for your pre-licensure nursing program transcript and 60 hours of degree-specific core curriculum and approved electives in your area(s) of interest. Major requirements for a degree program are established by the University catalog at the time the major is declared. Refer to your catalog for a complete listing of coursework for this degree.

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The following courses are required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion program.

Course #
Course Title
MA 120 Basic Concepts of Statistics 3
EN 306A Professional Writing in the Disciplines: Scientific and Technical Writing 3
NU 310 Nursing Transitions for the BSN 3
NU 325 Healthcare Informatics 3
BI 326 Ethics in Science 3
NU 355 Pathophysiology for Clinicians 3
NU 400 Global Nursing Perspectives 3
NU 410 Community Health Nursing Practice (16 week course) 4
NU 420 Leadership and the BSN Role (16 week course) 5
HC 451 Health Care and the Political Process 3
NU 450 Research in Nursing 3
NU 455 Integrative Practice in Nursing 3
  Total:    42 hours
LE 300 or 300 level Humanities or Social Sciences Course 3
Electives: Social Science, Humanities, or LE courses ( at least 3 hours must be 300/400 level). 9
  Total:    18 hours
  Total Degree Hours:    60 hours

Suggested Plan of Study (Sample for the Fulltime Student)

Term 1    
NU310 Nursing Transitions 3 cr/hr
MA120 Basic Concepts of Statistics 3 cr/hr
Term 2    
NU355 Pathophysiology for Clinicians 3 cr/hr
EN306A Professional Writing 3 cr/hr
  Semester Total 12 cr/hr
Term 3    
NU325 Healthcare Informatics 3 cr/hr
BI326 Ethics in Science 3 cr/hr
Term 4    
NU400 Global Health Care Perspectives 3 cr/hr
  Elective 3 cr/hr
  Elective 3cr/hr
  Semester Total 15 cr/hr
Term 5 - Summer    
(LE) 300 Elective 300 Level or above- LE category course 3 cr/hr
  Elective 3 cr/hr
  Term Total 6 cr/hr
Term 6    
Elective 3 cr/hr
NU420 Leadership (16 weeks) 5 cr/hr
Term 7    
NU450 Research in Nursing 3 cr/hr
  Elective 3 cr/hr
  Semester Total 14 cr/hr
Term 8    
NU410 Community Health (16 weeks) 4 cr/hr
HC451 Health Care Political 3 cr/hr
Term 9    
NU455 Integrative Practice 3 cr/hr
  Elective 3 cr/hr
  Semester Total 13 cr/hr
  BSN Completion Credits 60 cr/hr
  Credit for ADN 60 cr/hr
  Total Degree Credit 120 cr/hr

Note: The BSN Degree Completion Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia, 30326, (404) 975-5000.