Modern Languages

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Offered face-to-face on the Parkville campus.

At Park University, students who study Spanish language and literature become multi-lingual professionals whose cultural knowledge and global perspective will lead to successful careers in both the United States and abroad. Park’s Spanish program offers elementary, intermediate and advanced courses in oral fluency, writing and reading proficiency as well as the study of U.S. Hispanic, Spanish American and Spanish literatures and cultures. Students with advanced proficiencies are encouraged to work with faculty to design internships in a variety of disciplines. An accredited study abroad summer or semester program in Spanish is strongly recommended for majors and minors.

This degree requires a minimum of 122 total credit hours to graduate.

  • 42 hours
  • 2.0 Cumulative GPA

Parkville, 16-Week

Degree Requirements

Curriculum (2013-2014 Catalog) Hours
Core Curriculum 42
SP 201* Intermediate Spanish I 3
SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SP 294 Intermediate Spanish Conversation 3
SP 295 Intermediate Spanish Composition 3
SP 301 Advanced Spanish Conversation 3
SP 302 Advanced Spanish Composition & Grammar 3
SP 311 Culture and Civilization of Spain 3
SP 312 Culture and Civilization of Spanish America & the Hispanic Caribbean 3
SP 320 U.S. Latino Cultures and Literatures 3
SP 322 Reading Cervantes’ Masterpiece: Don Quixote 3
SP 394** Introduction to Literature of Spain 3
SP 395** Introduction to the Literatures of Spanish America & the Hispanic Caribbean 3
SP 399 The Major Capstone Project 3
SP 310 Independent Readings in Spanish 3
Total Hours 42

*Native speakers may take an additional three hours of credit through Spanish 310, in order to substitute Spanish 201.