International Business

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Business Program in Park University’s School of Business is to prepare students to succeed in the global business environment. The program employs an interdisciplinary approach to study and critically analyze the complexities of the international marketplace. Students are provided the tools needed to interact responsibly and productively with members of other cultures.

Vision Statement

The International Business Program of Park University’s School of Business will create life-long learners who understand the world economy and global business operations. The program will enhance students’ learning experiences by providing study abroad opportunities, positive classroom experiences, and supporting internship opportunities that prepare them to productively and ethically contribute to the global community.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different forms of international transactions and the implications of each on a strategic and operational level.
  • Apply concepts and theories from international business towards understanding the global and national environments.
  • Contrast concepts of marketing practices and principles from domestic to international environments.
  • Comprehend the differences in global vs. domestic financial aspects of business and their significance relating to organizational operations and strategy.
  • Recognize ethical and cultural issues that are inherent in global activities and contribute to an ethical and cross-culturally sensitive business climate.
  • Comprehend environmental factors affecting international strategy (e.g. political, economic, cost and competitive factors.)
  • Discuss emerging trends in international business.
  • Utilize the concepts and theories of international management strategy towards the international business setting.
  • Research, write and present an academic standard paper on a relevant topic in international business.