Interior Design

Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design

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Freshman Core 15 cr.
AR 115 Introduction to the Visual Arts 3 cr.
AR 140 Drawing I 3 cr.
AR 203 Three-Dimensional Design 3 cr.
AR 204 Two-Dimensional Design: Black & White 3 cr.
AR 208 Color Theory 3 cr.
Interior Design Curriculum 63 cr.
AR 218 Graphic Design Software 3 cr.
AR 282 Interior Design Studio I: Visual Communications I 3 cr.
AR 283 Interior Design Studio I: Introduction to Interior Design 3 cr.
AR 288 Interior Design Studio II: Visual Communications II 3 cr.
AR 289 Interior Design Studio II: Fundamentals of Interior Design 3 cr.
AR 290 Interior Design Materials and Resources 3 cr.
AR 296 Textiles for Interior Design 3 cr.
AR 298 History of the Designed Environment I: Antiquity to Mid-Nineteenth Century 3 cr.
AR 382 Interior Design Studio III: Drawing Systems I 3 cr.
AR 383 Interior Design Studio III: Furniture Design 3 cr.
AR 388 Interior Design Studio IV: Drawing Systems II 3 cr.
AR 389 Interior Design Studio IV: Commercial Interiors 3 cr.
AR 390 History of the Designed Environment II: Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present 3 cr.
TOTAL 78 cr.


All graduating art and design majors are required to individually document (either by means of color slide photography or digital photography) selected examples of their best work. These final portfolios are to be submitted to their major advisors as part of their Senior Seminar. These slides, CDs, zip disks, etc. will remain the property of the Department of Art and Design. 

Art Supplies
Art and Design majors must plan, when preparing their yearly educational budgets, to spend at least $250 per semester on art supplies. All studio art courses require varying amounts of personal equipment and supplies. Studio fees collected at registration for some art courses provide only a portion of the supplies needed. Supply lists will be provided on the first day of classes.