Interior Design

About the Program

Interior Design Student

What You Do - Interior Designers create comfortable, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that meet the physical and psychological needs of their occupants.

Where You Do It - For students interested in a traditional course of study at an interior design school in Missouri, we offer a fine arts bachelor's degree in interior design as part of our college design program in Parkville, MO, on the University's home campus.

What We Do - The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design is a professional training program and a comprehensive course of study.

How We Do It - Building on the art and design principles introduced in the foundations year, each semester of the interior design sequence includes an interior design studio, a technical skills studio and a related lecture course, with projects increasing in complexity throughout the Interior Design curriculum.

Degree Offerings

16-Week Parkville 
Parkville, Mo 

Degree Requirements

B.F.A. Major
  • 78 Hours
  • 2.5 GPA

Interior Design Sketch