Information and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Based Information Systems

Available in KC Area Only

There is no organization, whether it is large or small, that can survive without the support of its data processing department. The number of jobs available in business and government for computer-trained personnel continues to increase. The major specifically prepares the student in the area of data processing, business management, and accounting. The combination of computer and business courses prepares the students for careers in programming, system analysis, and management of computer systems.

Program Competencies:
  • Apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and use popular computer technologies in producing technology solutions.
  • Communicate effectively, ethically, and professionally in a team environment.
  • Identify appropriate information technologies for a given organizational context and explain how to incorporate such technologies into the given organizational context.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Based Information Systems - Prerequisite Tree 66 cr.
AC 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr.
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr.
CS 140 Introduction to Computers 3 cr.
CS 151 Introduction to Programming 3 cr.
CS 208 Discrete Mathematics 3 cr.
CS 219 Programming Fundamentals 3 cr.
CS 225 Programming Concepts 3 cr.
CS 300 Technologies in a Global Society 3 cr.
CS 314 User Interface Design 3 cr.
CS 351 Computer Operating Systems 3 cr.
CS 365 Computer Networking 3 cr.
EC 315 Quantitative Research Methods 3 cr.
FI 360 Financial Management 3 cr.
IS 205 Managing Information Systems 3 cr.
IS 216 COBOL I 3 cr.
IS 217 COBOL II 3 cr.
IS 315 Computer Systems Analysis and Design I 3 cr.
IS 316 Computer Systems Analysis and Design II 3 cr.
IS 361 Data Management 3 cr.
MA 120 Basic Concepts of Statistics 3 cr.
MG 352 Principles of Management 3 cr.
MG 375 Production and Operations Management 3 cr.