Information and Computer Science

Associate of Science in Information and Computer Science

The Information and Computer Science (ICS) curriculum prepares students for a broad range of computer opportunities in industry as well as in graduate studies. ICS students choose one or more specialty areas from among these four options: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Management, or Networking. Depending on their chosen specialty area, ICS graduates are well prepared for these industry positions: Web programmer, applications programmer, systems analyst, information technology (IT) project manager, database analyst, or network analyst.

Program Competencies:

  • Apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and use popular computer technologies in producing technology solutions.
  • Communicate effectively, ethically, and professionally in a team environment.
  • ICS/CS and ICS/SE students: Design and implement elegant programs that utilize data structures and operating systems concepts.
  • ICS/NT students: Explain computer networking and security concepts and demonstrate proficiency in use of popular computer networking and security technologies.
  • ICS/DM students: Design and implement elegant data management solutions.

Program Resources