Fitness and Wellness

About the Program

Our Fitness and Wellness program in Parkville, Mo. focuses on health promotion and lifestyle modifications. Students will be introduced to basic principles that assist and motivate them to reach their optimal fitness and wellness potential, while leading others to an overall healthy lifestyle. The optimal goal of the program is to enhance the quality of life through equipping students with the knowledge and skills that promotes long-term fitness and wellness.

Areas of Education

Students learn professional skills in the following areas:
  • Physical and physiological functions of the body
  • Necessary fitness levels to remain healthy and physically active
  • Nutritional needs to remain healthy and physically active
  • Ability to design a personal strength training and conditioning program, taking into account the individual's fitness levels and nutritional needs
  • Care and prevention of injuries related to physical activity
  • Various administrative responsibilities and obligations in fitness, wellness, and recreation
  • Promotion of long-term health and wellness through personal and corporate wellness education

Degree and Minor


Students pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fitness and Wellness are eligible to apply for the following scholarships if they meet all the eligibility requirements.