Bachelor of Arts in English

Available face-to-face in Parkville, MO.

The Bachelor of Arts in English requires a minimum of 122 completed credit hours, including 45 hours of degree-specific core curriculum and approved electives in your area of concentration. Refer to your catalog for a complete listing of coursework for this degree.

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Senior Examinations

All majors must pass a three-hour written and a one-hour oral comprehensive examination. Language and literature concentration majors must test in three literature areas. Writing concentration majors must test in two writing areas and one literature area. This two-part comprehensive examination will be conducted by members of the English Department. The student must pass both examinations. A student who fails either or both parts must retake the failed examination in the next semester, excluding summer sessions.

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Teaching English

For those students wishing to teach English, also see the Bachelor of Science in Education degree.