English as an International Language

About English as an International Language

You're ready to make a move... Learn... Grow... Realize your dreams. Our English as an International Language Program will help you get there.

Our mission statement: The mission of the EIL Program at Park is to give international students the linguistic, academic, and sociocultural skills they require to function successfully and achieve academic excellence in the degree program of their choice.

Our vision statement: The EIL Program at Park will produce students acculturated to studying in the American academic environment, who not only have a sufficient command of the English language but also possess the research and study skills needed to help them succeed at the University.

Program for Academic Credit

Our courses are designed to prepare you to enter the academic program of your choice, as soon as possible. You will obtain the English skills and knowledge you need, while earning valuable college credit.


Each EIL student at Park receives individual advising. There are no required courses: you will be guided towards the classes appropriate for your needs, based on test results, one-on-one consultation with the Program Coordinator, and teacher recommendations (once you are in the program).

Swift Integration

As soon as you, in consultation with your EIL advisor, feel comfortable to do so, we encourage you to take regular college courses, even in your first semester. EIL at Park University works with the Academic Support Center to provide tutoring and mentoring assistance. When you have graduated from EIL, this support will continue, as long as necessary.

Park Supports Diversity

Park has always been renowned for its appeal to students from all over the world. We are proud to welcome students from over a hundred different countries. You may share the classroom with someone from Uzbekistan, Brazil, Thailand, or Nepal! Park celebrates diversity in numerous events such as International Week, the Coming to America speaking series, and so on. Our Office of International Students organizes several interesting and exciting activities throughout the year, most of which are free. The World Student Union also provides a venue in which students from all over the world get together for fun, support, and personal growth.

Program Design and Philosophy

Language acquisition can be a difficult and complicated road to travel. You have a native language of your own (and some of you may already speak more than one language). Sometimes, the two – or more- languages can clash. Also, to add to the complexity of the situation, students at Park must acquire and work within a specialized variety of English - Academic American English (AAE). Finally, everyone is different, in important ways: in aptitude, in attitude, in motivation, in maturity, and so on. Not surprisingly, as a result of all these factors, students do not all learn or progress at the same rate. This is no-one’s fault. Our curriculum is designed to introduce AAE grammar and vocabulary as soon as possible, using real academic material and practicing and using language in context. Our standards are high, and our assignments challenging, as they ought to be in an academic, credit-bearing program. At the same time, we strive to teach using creative and interesting activities, related to themes that relate to students’ goals and interests. We offer our solemn promise to help your progress and improvement along any way we can.

Language is not learned only in a classroom. Whenever possible, we combine outside activities (field trips, working with other classes, participating in the Student Research Symposium, and so on) with classroom instruction, to enrich and enhance the learning experience, and give more opportunity and context for language practice.

Further to this, while we do our best in EIL classes to help you acquire the vast English language, your learning environment at Park will be much wider than the classroom. We urge you to take advantage of the native speakers surrounding you; your American classmates, staff and faculty at the University, and the people whom you meet and interact with in stores, restaurants, or even on the street. Language is a form of social behavior, and the more you practice and use it with others, the better you will get, and the quicker too. In the end, your own perseverance, motivation, and will to succeed will determine your rate of acquisition and your degree of success.