Master of Public Affairs

Business, Government and Global Society

The MPA degree with a concentration in Business, Government and Global Society emphasizes the need for partnerships among public and private organizations. The curriculum exposes students to the values underlying the government-business relationship in an international context as well as the theoretical and practical framework essential to understanding the dynamic global environment in which modern organizations function. 

Topics include ethical problems in management, social responsibility, the philosophical foundations of the private enterprise system, contemporary global policies and issues, the effects of government regulation on business, antitrust policy, human resources management and development, international business, and corporate finance.

Recent graduates have secured positions in the public and private sectors as well as with academic institutions. Additional information regarding employment and salary trends in the fields of public affairs, public administration, and public policy can be found at the following Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration website:

The area coordinator is Dr. John Jumara.  His Ph.D. is from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr. Jumara has had a distinguished career teaching Management, Economics, Sociology, and Organization Theory at Park University.  He can be contacted at

The civic leader is Janice Gordon, who served with the City of Kansas City, Missouri most of her career.  She has held positions with the City Manager’s Office; Parks, Recreation and Boulevards Department; Neighborhood and Community Services Department; and City Auditor’s Office.  She also worked for the Hawaii Medical Services Association.  She can be contacted at



MPA CURRICULUM (2013-2014 Catalog) Hours
Core Courses 18 cr.
PA 501* Public Affairs Concepts and Theory (16 weeks) 3 cr.
PA 502* Public Affairs Methodology (16 weeks) 3 cr.
PA 508 Research and Analysis 3 cr.
PA 509 Leadership Development and Organizations 3 cr.
PA 600 Ethical Foundations of Authority and Responsibility 3 cr.
PA 602* Seminar in Public Affairs (16 weeks) 3 cr.
Theory Courses 9 cr.
PA 521* Business, Government and Society (16 weeks) 3 cr.
PA 522* World Economics and Comparative Capitalism (16 weeks) 3 cr.
PA 523* Global Macroeconomic Theory (16 weeks) 3 cr.
Theory/Practice Integration Courses (select three) 6 cr.
PA 571 Government Regulation of Business 2 cr.
PA 575 The Changing Global Workforce 2 cr.
PA 576 The Global Environment of Business 2 cr.
PA 579 Corporate Finance: Concepts and Strategies 2 cr.
TOTAL 36 cr.

*16 week courses

Students are encouraged to take PA 501 and PA 508 before enrolling in other courses. PA 501 and PA 508 provide a foundation for understanding the field of public affairs and academic skills needed in MPA coursework.