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Park University is one of the premier public policy schools in Kansas City, and the Master of Public Administration degree was the first graduate degree program created at Park. Launched in 1982, the MPA is a values-grounded, liberal arts-based professional graduate program designed to develop leadership across all sectors of society. Reflecting today’s multisector and cross-sector realities, managers and leaders prepare for service by building their knowledge base, decision-making capabilities, critical thinking and governing expertise across the government, business, industry and nonprofit sectors.

The Hauptmann School of Public Affairs recognizes public affairs as the field of study that builds upon the interrelationships among the activities of government (at all levels), all sectors of society, and other elements of social and economic systems, locally and throughout the world. Public managers, leaders and others holding positions of authority in organizations must view government and administration in this broad perspective of interrelationships.

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Degree Requirements

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Early Access to MPA Program Courses 

With the approval of the Director of the MPA Program and Dean of the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs, BPA students who have senior standing with a 3.6 GPA or higher may take up to 9 credit hours at the graduate level that count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree. Learn more about MPA degree early admission GO

On-Campus or Online Degree Availability

Courses in the MPA are offered in an online format, as well as face-to-face in the Kansas City area. The degree can be completed face-to-face, as an online graduate degree program or by combining courses from the two delivery arrangements. Face-to-face courses are also offered in a weekend format and, on occasion, at the national conference of the American Society for Public Administration.

Mission and Vision


The Master of Public Administration program in the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs develops ethically grounded professionals for public sector management and service in community nonprofit organizations through public service values education.


Graduating leaders who exercise authority responsibly, make ethical decisions, act with moral courage, and advance human dignity worldwide.

Program Goals

  1. To prepare students to lead and manage by exercising professional expertise. This includes knowledge of substantive concepts related to public affairs, the ability to think critically and analytically, and the capacity to exercise independent, ethical judgment.
  2. To encourage deeper appreciation of the principles of democratic governance and action.
  3. To instill a lifelong commitment to public affairs, service and values with a focus on moral courage, social justice and the public interest.
  4. To engage in research that enriches the understanding of public affairs, including public administration, public policy, and the nonprofit sector, from the local level to the broader global community.