Master of Healthcare Administration

Sequential Degree Option

A student who has earned a master’s degree from Park University may earn another master’s degree, substituting up to twelve (12) hours of graduate credit awarded by Park University through the first master’s degree to meet requirements for the sequential degree. All courses approved for substitution/transfer must be approved by the program director.

  1. The applicant must meet admission requirements for the second master’s degree.
  2. Petitioners for substitution from a completed master’s degree must have successfully completed all requirements for the initial master’s degree.
  3. The petition for substitution must be submitted prior to the applicant’s admission into a second master’s degree program.
  4. The earned grade in any course to be substituted must be a “B” or better.
  5. The program director reserves the right to deny or limit any course substitution.
  6. The students in the sequential program must meet the graduation requirements for the second degree program.

*Prerequisites may still be required for completion of the subsequent master’s degree.

The MHA program are participants of the Sequential Degree option and accept all students from other Park University master’s degree programs.