Master of Healthcare Administration

Management Information Systems Concentration

The MHA Management Information Systems concentration offers a unique combination of business intelligence and industry standards through practical project-oriented instruction.  The rationale is to produce quality MHA graduates with in-depth knowledge and hands-on understanding of the essentials of managing today's information technology systems.  Students study the foundations of business so they can apply management information systems technology to create efficient, effective business enterprises capable of competing in a global setting.  In addition, the students are exposed to the concepts and applications of data analytics, security and privacy of big data, and project management as they pertain to system architecture and a firm's ability to answer complicated business questions.

Required Courses 12 cr.
HA 601 IManagement Information Systems 3 cr,
HA 602 Information Security and Risk Management 3 cr.
HA 609 Database Management Systems 3 cr.
HA 614 Data Analysis and Business Analytics 3 cr.