Master of Healthcare Administration—Hauptmann School of Public Affairs

Degree Requirements

Curriculum (2013-2014 Catalog) Hours
Core Curriculum
HA 508 IT, Data Gathering and Data Management 3
HA 511 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Systems 3
HA 516 Healthcare Finance 3
HA 517 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration 3
HA 518 Organization of Healthcare Delivery Systems 3
HA 533 Managerial Epidemiology 3
HA 573 Quality Improvement and Outcome Assessment in Healthcare Settings 3
HA 604 Healthcare Economics and Payment Systems 3
HA 620 Healthcare Administration Capstone Seminar (16-week format) 3
Electives (select three courses from list below) 9
HA 515 Marketing and Consumer Driven Healthcare 3
HA 521 Special Topics in Healthcare Administration 3
HA 532 Healthcare Services and Systems for Diverse Populations 3
HA 537 Health Policy and Politics 3
HA 557 Nursing Dimensions of Healthcare Administration 3
HA 580 The Pharmaceutical Basis for Healthcare Delivery 3
HA 611 Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Management 3
PA 503 Emerging Issues in Public Affairs (for health-related topics) 3
PA 545 Management of Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations 3
Total Hours 36

Additional elective coursework is available for selection from the graduate Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Affairs, Master of Education and Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership programs, to offer flexibility in content for MHA students’ interests. Use of courses from other programs must be discussed and approved by the program director prior to enrollment.