Master of Education

M.Ed. in Language and Literacy : Special Reading Teacher/Literacy Coach Track

The Special Reading Teacher/Literacy Coach track is for educators desiring to work as literacy coaches or special reading teachers, in various public and private settings. The degree program meets the international Reading Association's Standards for Reading Professionals (2003 revision) for Category II: The Classroom Teacher and Category III: The Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach. This track leads to Missouri Special Reading certification. This certification is not available as an initial certificate; candidates must already be certified in another area.

Courses are offered in the eight-week format. Full-time enrollment is one course per eight-week term.

Degree Requirements

Curriculum (2013-2014 Catalog) Hours
Core Courses 12
ED 545 Teaching Reading to Linguistically Diverse Learners 3
ED 546 Advanced Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties 3
ED 641 Literacy Practicum I* 3
ED 651 Literacy Practicum II* 3
Required Courses - 15 hours (as long as ED520 can be fulfilled with baccalaureate degree) 15
ED 520 Special Needs in the Classroom 3
ED 526 Classroom Management Seminar 3
ED 528 Theory and Practice in Literacy 3
ED 547 Counseling Techniques with Exceptional Children and Their Families 3
ED 548 Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement 3
ED 557 Language Development for the Exceptional Child 3
ED 561 Miscue Analysis 3
Total Hours 30

* For this track, ED 641 (Practicum I) and ED 651 (Practicum II) must be completed at two completely different instructional levels (such as elementary and middle school, or elementary and high school, or middle and high school).